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Mila Puccini is from Oakland, CA and has a background in Cinema and Performance Arts.

She currently works in the Bay Area as Gaffer and Electric (IATSE local 16).

After being raised in Switzerland, she relocated to Oslo, Norway in 2004, where she was invited by performance groups, such as Hotel ProForma and Akt 5 to create soundtracks to their stage work. While there, she was a member of Podium, an artist-run multi-disciplinary gallery collective, exhibiting in group shows, both in Switzerland and Norway. In 2009 she relocated to the SF Bay Area, the origin of her father, where she started her second education in Cinema Studies.

In 2014 she wrote and directed her first narrative short "Let's Go Crazy First!" which was screened at ATA in San Francisco and co-directed  "Water Under the Bridge" which premiered at the Vogue Theater in San Francisco in 2015.


(photo by Cesar Augusto)


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