Full Length Documentary (1h 24min)

Shown at the Vogue Theater in San Francisco and at the Parkway Theater in Oakland

Directed by: Katie Wheeler-Dubin, Mila Puccini

Cinematography: Mila Puccini

Water Under the Bridge is an experimental portrait of the city of San Francisco. The film follows various people and places in San Francisco, touching upon different experiences and interactions with this urban landscape. The subjects of the film include an Iranian techie, describing his commute from San Francisco to Silicon Valley; a sailor describing his own mythology of the Golden Gate Bridge; a City College professor discussing how owning a home in San Francisco has changed her; a family of three relating cultural differences between Africa and California; and a Nob Hill native relaying her dismay over the changing culture within her neighborhood and how she thinks her contemporaries can do better. Most of the characters grapple with mixed emotions, as their own efforts are rewarded or thwarted in their journey to maintain a home. Through a unique spread of authentic experiences, directors Camilla Puccini and Katie Wheeler-Dubin ask the question: what is San Francisco? And if home is where love is, what kind of lover is San Francisco?

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