2015 - 2018

+ The Acharis Summer Tour 2018

+ The Acharis Summer Tour 2017

+ The Acharis Europe & Puerto Rico Tour+ Poncili Creacion

+ Artist Residency for RE:ORGANISM performance by stimpy+stimpy w/Leah Malinowski, B4BEL4B Gallery, Oakland, CA


+ Specter vs Specter, performance stimpy+stimpy w/Leah Malinowski, at Obsolete Technologies Group Show, curated by Tiare Ribeaux,     B4BEL4B Gallery, Oakland, CA


+ One Step Ahead & The Difference Is; I know you are weak!, two separate video installations at Laisser Faire Group Show, curated by Ignas Krunglevicius PODIUM, Oslo (NO)

+ The Artist comments on Sexism and War, performance with Tina Peios, PODIUM, Oslo (NO)


+ One Way Travel, video installation by Cellula Uno, shown at Weg Einfach Gruppen Ausstellung, Wängi (CH) +press +more press

+ 7 Diktatoren auf 7 Traktoren 24 hour art event with the public art group Ohm41, Kulturhalle, Dietfurt (CH) 


+ Composer for Darshan soundtrack and shared lead role for music theater, directed by Kim Atle Hansen, Black Box Teater, Oslo (NO) +press


+ Noise Choir, noise vocalist, Podium Gallery & Youngstorget, Oslo (NO)

+ Glad Techno, laptop performance with Ignas Krunglevicius / Snorre Hvamen, Podium Gallery, Oslo (NO)

+ Motorsaw, vocalist, by Gregers Kierkegaard for 17th Video festival in Bochum (GER) & Brorsons Kirke, Kopenhagen (DK)

+ Montana, sound effects, directed by Simone Eisenring, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (GER), Aua, wir leben-Festival, Bern (CH)


+ Kaleidoskop composer for interactive video installation by Nina Eugster, Art Academy Zurich (CH) and University of Berne (CH)

+ Gengangere composer for performance by Kirsten Delholm, Hotel ProForma, Det Norske Teater, Oslo (NO), Kasernenscene, Arhus (DK)




Alan Grizzell solo show at Naming Gallery, Oakland, CA +view

Julia Davis aka Bud Snow solo show at Naming Gallery, Oakland, CA +view



2012 - 2015 CCSF, San Francisco // Associate´s Degree in Cinema Studies

2006 Notam02, Oslo, Norway // Course in ProTools & Sound Engineering

1996 - 2001 Lehrerseminar Kantonsschule Wattwil, Switzerland // Degree in Pedagogy, Teacher´s Credentials



Grant from Kulturråd for "Darshan", Music Theater - Music Score - Actor 2007

Grant from Kulturråd for "Laisser Faire", Group Exhibition - Artist 2010

Artist Residency at Babelab Oakland 2015





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